Get your reviews featured in our weekly ‘Top Reviews’ digest email on ReviewCreep

Hey! I’m a community manager for It’s a platform that helps WordPress Review Bloggers get more exposure (for free). If you have existing review blog posts on your blog, you can simply include your WordPress Blog URL during signup when it asks for it and it’ll easily let you add your reviews to the site. Your reviews could make our weekly curated email that gets sent out to all of our members.

138 thoughts on “Get your reviews featured in our weekly ‘Top Reviews’ digest email on ReviewCreep”

  1. Hello! I’m the chap from ISCFC, and you left a comment on my site the other day. Feel free to put links to my stuff wherever you like – I love writing them, and I hope people will enjoy reading them.

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      1. Hi, I tried signing up to reviewcreep but it asked for my zip code and I’m in the UK so it won’t accept it :(. And I tried emailing back about it but nobody replied:(
        Can you only sign up if you live in the US?


  2. Hello Elissa!
    Thanks for stopping by “Nesie’s Place” and leaving such kind words. I’d love to be a part of this – sounds like fun. I will actually have several reviews to choose from in a couple of days – read many, many books during NaNoWriMo, and now it’s time to get those reviews done! LOL!

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  3. i have a blog that reviews country/texas/red dier/americana albums…but not using wordpress. would i be able to take part if you liked what you saw?


  4. Thanks for checking out my blog. I received your comment. Can I send you guys my email without posting it in the comments section?


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